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Earth is about 150 million kilometers from the Sun, and this distance has ideally suited our planet to be habitable. The Sun is the life giver and the only reason that we and other living forms are able to sustain here. The Sun controls most natural phenomena on our planet Earth and also within our Solar system.

The United Nations Development Program in a detailed study presented at the World Energy Assessment forum in the year 2000 estimated that the Sun exudes anything between 1,575 to 49,387 exajoules (EJ) of energy annually. This quantum of energy if harnessed is more than sufficient to meet all of mankind’s annual energy requirements and more.

Statisticians have contented after much study that the world used up 559.8 exajoules (EJ) of energy in 2012. Comparing this figure with what the Sun is able to provide annually, makes us wonder what we have been doing all these years without concentrating our efforts to harness this clean, green and free source of energy for so long.

Solar energy has not gone un-noticed, pre-historic man used the power of the Sun for many of his daily chores and even went to the extent of worshipping it.  Present day man depends on the Sun for many things, but are we utilizing the Sun’s true potential, that is the quintillion question. The answer to the question would be found when we consider what a quintillion is.

A quintillion is a billion of billions and an exajoule is a quintillion joules. If the Sun could offer us so much of Solar energy generate through solar panels that could be converted into Solar power with the use of a solar panel,  why are we wasting time and money trying to develop Nuclear power which is going to be the bane of this planet one day into the future.   


An abundance of solar energy to harness

The Sun is the answer to all our energy needs, in the present as well as into the future. If we had taken Charles Fritts seriously and continued his nascent invention of the solar cell or photo voltaic cell, today the world would be a much cleaner and greener planet that what we have collectively made of it.

Solar energy from the Sun is freely disbursed to all of us and if we had used it for our energy needs, we need not have constructed deep dangerous mines searching for coal or drilling deep in the ground and sea for oil, the two most used fossil fuels around the world.

Solar power derived from the Sun’s solar energy is being used by man but the quantum of usage is so minuscule in comparison to other fuels in use which are all detrimental to our environment, however much we try to justify their use.

Solar panels Sydney has been providing the solar energy alternative to their community whilst solar panels Melbourne has been carrying out their own initiatives in their area of jurisdiction.

Solar power systems are available in many sizes depending on the requirement of the consumer with the domestic solar panel being the most convenient and practical. Solar panels could be installed on the roof of a home discreetly and away from any vandalism or accidental damage.

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Australia needs to take a very pragmatic look at our energy requirements in the future. We are the major supplier of energy in the form of coal to the leading industrial countries in Asia.

Japan and South Korea account for about 50% of our total energy exports whilst they depend on us for about 20% of their energy needs.

Australia is gifted with solar energy all through the year and this would be food for thought to our entrepreneurs to use this as our next energy export in the future.

Japan and South Korea would be willing if we show them the way, which could even draw their technological advancement as an incentive to develop this very lucrative sector.


A colossal waste of usable energy

A United Nations Development Program (UNDP) report estimates that the Sun produces around 40,000 Exajoules of energy annually.

Whilst the world consumes a minute fraction of about 600 Exajoules of energy annually, the solar energy that we consume is less than 5 % of this total.

This colossal amount of energy waste is unpardonable, in the context that we are using other forms of harmful fossil energies and leaving behind long footprints that our future generations would have to endure.

The race to find universally affordable solar panels to harness solar energy is on and is being vigorously pursued by many. It is now accepted that solar power will solve the world’s energy needs.

But the most advanced solar panels available today, convert only around 20 % of the Solar energy that they are exposed to, into solar power.

Hence it is evident that more aggressive Research and Development (R&D), is required to produce more efficient solar panels.

With the available resources today we could begin to make a difference, by using solar panels to produce solar power wherever possible. It takes many a drop of water to make a mighty ocean hence every individual effort to harness the Sun’s energy would be appreciable.

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